Yee Haw Or Yee Yee? TikToker Makes A PowerPoint To Explain The Difference…

Yeehaw vs. yee yee

Last year, when concerts were still a thing, songstress Kacey Musgraves famously led her crowds at Coachella and Bonnaroo in a big group yee-haw.

“When I say yee, you say haw… yee.. haw… yee.. haw….”

Musgraves proudly embracing the yeehaw marked a pivotal moment for country culture – like what Dylan did for rock ‘n roll when he went electric at the Newport Folk Festival.

Country culture many couple common denominators: Trucks, boots, cowboy hats, jeans, Nashville, rural areas, hard physical labor, the importance of friends and family, a love for sportsmanship, hunting, fishing, etc. An emphasis on backroads, beer, and storytelling with a sense of place. Basically every Alan Jackson, Toby Kieth, Garth Brooks, and Reba McEntire song ever. The generationally-beloved all-stars of the country music genre.

Yet there very different lanes in current country culture: Yeehaw vs. yee yee.

So what the heck is the difference between yeehaw and yee yee?

TikToker mollylee31 made a PowerPoint presentation about the difference between yeehaw and yee yee as two subgroups of modern country culture. 


In Molly’s own words: Yeehaw encompasses country excellence. Can be a mindset as much as a geographical location. Based on the culture of country life, mentalities, and traditions. Can range from the simple life to the life of the rich and famous.


Yee Yee

Also in Molly’s words: A subculture and different level of Yeehaw culture. Dare I say… Redneck? Mainly based on behavior. Cult-like following. Think “God, ‘Merica, Guns.”

IE: Those who blindly Cloyd Rivers on Twitter and Instagram without a hint of irony.

In other words, there’s a certain ignorance that comes with yee yeeing, while yeehawing is a more flexible state of mind.

The Makers Mark vs. Natty Light comparison is apropos, but I’m sure there are moments when Natty Light is embraced by those who yeehaw without yeeyeeing.

Yes, sometimes there’s overlap – For example, a yeehaw can yeeyee but a yeeyee can never yeehaw.

The TikTok explains it perfectly:


@mollylee31Reply to @sydneyhunter10 🤠🤠🤠 ##yeehaw ##yeeyee♬ original sound – Molly Lee

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