I’m Seriously Envious Of This Bro Cooking World-Class Meals Using Wild Ingredients From The Yellowstone River

I’ve never had the time to go foraging for my own food. At least that’s what I tell myself. I say that if I had the time to go search for wild mushrooms and catch fresh fish for every meal, I would.

When I was a kid, I used to take walks through the woods with my mom in North Carolina’s Smokey Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Along the way, she’d always point out plants that could be foraged and eaten. Years later, I learned more about foraging in the Boy Scouts but to be perfectly honest I’m not sure if I even have that knowledge sitting around somewhere in my head anymore.

I don’t know where Chef Eduardo Garcia learned to forage the banks of the Yellowstone River but I do know that I’ve got serious envy of his life at the moment.

For the latest installment of YETI Presents, YETI has released a series of six ‘Hungry Life’ videos where they follow around interesting individuals and give us a peak into their connection with food.

In the ‘Hungry Life: Yellowstone River’ episode, Chef Eduardo Garcia and a friend are foraging the banks of the Yellowstone River for natural ingredients to whip up a world-class meal. They even build a hand-constructed rock oven to cook the meal which includes freshly caught trout from the Yellowstone River. By the way, there’s another episode below from the Yucatan Peninsula that you’ll really enjoy if you like this one:

I saved this clip to watch a few days ago when it went live on YETI’s YouTube channel but only just got around to watching it today. It was the first video/content I watched this morning and I have to say that seeing this bro’s connection with nature was a pretty enviable experience.

What’s that phrase you always see in the captions of memes on Instagram? ‘It hurts to see someone else living out your dreams

I’m not saying that I’d want to spend every day foraging for food and eating from the wild. Yellowstone is only a 12-hour drive from the BroBible office in Portland, Oregon, I could easily work from there for a week and then pop over for a long weekend and get in my fill before heading back to urban life.

Here’s that episode from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, a place that I’ve grown fond of after spending a bunch of time there over the years. A friend of mine moved there after H.S. while working 3-months on and 3-months off on ships. He bought a condo down there, just north of Tulum back in like 2002 and we’d go there for Spring break and New Year’s all the time.

It’s where I first came to love homemade Mexican food made with fresh ingredients, something I never grew up with in Florida:

This legitimately has me wanting to shut the computer right now and cook a meal.

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