You Can Now Wear Your Love Of Soup With Campbell’s Chunky Swag

The winter blahs are coming, which means it’s officially soup SZN. You know what that means: A couple of cans of Campbell’s Chunky from the grocery store after work for an easy, warm meal while you binge-watch a show that went *at least* six seasons, for lack of decisiveness.

Whether you’re making game day snacks or just chillin’ in front of that massive TV you scooped up on Cyber Monday, Campbell’s Chunky has your six. Including when it comes to something cozy and comfy to lounge around in.

Campbell’s Chunky just dropped a limited edition e-commerce site offering all-new Chunky merchandise for a limited time only, available right now through this Thursday, December 5.

This includes the following:

Sleevie Blanket

It’s got cozy warmth. It’s got thick sleeves. It’s got a lovely red color that makes you feel like you’re swimming in a soup can. It’s the Chunky Sleevie Blanket, and it’s here to keep you warm on the coldest of nights and let you sip soup on the couch in style.





These slipper keep your feet feeling as warm as soup makes your belly. Wear them all over the house for constant softness and soup vibes. As an added bonus, you can use them as potholders when taking your soup from the microwave or stovetop – and they’ll be SOUPER warm when you put them back on.


Chunk Belt

Real Chunky fans never go anywhere without a can on deck. This utility belt will go with you and your soup to the garage, the work bench, the construction site, the office, and/or Home Depot, so that you can stay fueled up no matter what your day holds. Plus, it has a handy holder for your spork so you’ll never be unprepared.



Spork Holder Hat

If you’re one of the many people who never travel anywhere without a spork, this is the hat for you. It’s comfy, breathable, and stylish, with an adjustable strap for your head and a plastic nook for your favorite spork.



Never send a spoon to do a spork’s job. Ours has a shallow base to hold all your liquid, thick prongs to spear all your chunks, and a body heavy enough to support even the biggest of scoops.


Embroidered Crewneck

Crisp. Classic. Chunky. This vintage sweatshirt will turn heads while keeping you toasty warm. It’s great for closing your eyes and picturing yourself relaxing with a bowl of soup, no matter where you are.


Soup Holding Gloves

Too long has the heat of a fresh microwave stood between you and your soup. These Chunky soup-grabbing gloves will let you grab your soup as soon as it’s ready – no more getting comfy on the couch and forgetting it’s still in the kitchen. The rubber grippies let you carry it wherever you want it to be, which is right next to you all the time.


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