Yuki The Rare Wolfdog Hybrid Goes Viral Because He Is So Big That People Think He Is Fake

yuki wolfdog

Yuki the giant Wolfdog is finally getting the love that the good boy deserves. After living a very tumultuous life, the massive wolfdog hybrid is being celebrated in what could be the beautiful animal’s final days.

Yuki is a part dog and part wolf. The rare wolfdog hybrid is 87.5 percent Gray Wolf, 8.6 percent Siberian Husky, and 3.9 percent German Shepherd according to the Shy Wolf Sanctuary in Naples, Florida, where he resides. This week, Yuki the Wolfdog went viral because he is so big that people think he is fake.


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At only 8-months-old, Yuki The Giant Wolfdog was rescued by Shy Wolf Sanctuary in 2008 after the “puppy” had gotten too large and the owner suffered severe health problems that prevented them from caring for the wolfdog.

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Now, videos and photos of the 12-year-old beast show how mammoth the wolfdog is. Shy Wolf Sanctuary volunteer Brittany Allen shared Instagram photos of 120-pound Yuki that have been very popular this week. Everyone saw the photos and wanted to adopt Yuki, but sadly the wolfdog is suffering from a terminal illness.

“Sorry everyone, but I am not available for adoption. I am 12 years old and terminally ill so I will be staying at Shy Wolf with my pack friend Bella in our enclosure. However, you can sponsor me!” the sanctuary wrote on Instagram. If you’d like to make a donation to help pay for Yuki’s veterinarian bills to treat his terminal blood cancer, you can do so HERE.

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