Watch the NSFW 5 Scariest Things That Can Happen on Spring Break


Spring Break is a time for fun, right? There are kegs, there are chicks, there’s a complete lack of responsibility. It’s all awesomeness.

Well, not always! Ask anyone who’s “accidentally” hooked up with an ex or find himself in the middle of a vicious cock fight—Spring Break can be terrifying.

Haunted House 2 just put together a list of the five scariest things that can happen on Spring Break. Since the video includes Jamie Pressley in lingerie and it’s pretty NSFW, we’re forced to link to it here. But the screengrab below should provide a nice teaser.

Haunted House 2 comes out this April 18. Be sure to check the film out on Facebook and Twitter.


Watch the NSFW Haunted House 2 trailer here.