Andy Samberg Played ‘5-Second Summaries’ With Jimmy Fallon, Should Be A Guest EVERY Night

andy samberg fallon

YouTube/The Tonight Show

Andy Samberg showed up on The Tonight Show last night to remind everyone of two things: that Brookyln Nine-Nine returns this week and that if Jimmy Fallon every decides to use a sidekick on his show Samberg should get the job hands-down.

First Samberg and Fallon played a hilarious round of “5-Second Summaries.” (Samberg did WAY better than James Franco.)

Then, thanks to the Internet, we get to to see them eating some “Sambergers” and talking about about Jimmy’s failed attempt to get a sandwich named after him at Carnegie Deli during the commercial break.

Then, when they’re back on the air they finally talk a little Brooklyn Nine-Nine while sampling more of Andy’s “Sambergers.”

And finally, Samberg talks about the time he called Mark Zuckerberg for tech support to help him with his Facebook account.