Anna Kendrick Is Doing Something Really Cool For Schools In Maine, Plus She Was Chill AF On ‘Colbert’ Last Night

Anna Kendrick is one of our favorite chicks in the world here at BroBible. There are lots of reasons for this: She gleefully tweets about TV characters having sex, she hates Britain’s royal baby, and is trill AF with Aubrey Plaza in a new movie coming out this summer. All I’m trying to say here is that we adore her.

Last night she was on Stephen Colbert and geeked out about her love for Lord Of The Rings. Turns out she’s really, really  into Lord Of The Rings just like Stephen is, throwing parties where she and her best friend pretend like they’re Pippin and Merry. They ended by singing Iriving Berlin’s classic showtune, “They Say It’s Wonderful”, which just causes this Bro’s heart to melt into a little puddle.

But hey, back to Anna.  As if she isn’t already the coolest chick on the planet, now she’s opening her wallet to fund schools in her home state of Maine. That’s very big-hearted of her. Via:

Actress Anna Kendrick has flash funded all 31 of classroom projects in Maine, as part of #BestSchoolDay.

According to a press release, the event is a surprise philanthropic flash mob of more than 60 celebrities, business leaders and athletes who together are bringing to life the classroom dreams of teachers and students across America. funds teacher requests for books, science supplies, field trips and much more.

Kendrick, a Maine native, attended Deering High School and makes frequent trips back to her hometown.

Just another reason to love the girl.


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