Ariana Grande Likes To Sleep In The Nude, In Case You Were Curious

ariana grande naked


Ariana Grande, who was allegedly one of the women hacked in The Fappening, says that while those naked photos were not actually of her (not sure I buy that, but whatevs) she does like to do one thing naked: sleep.

Says Grande about sleeping in her birthday suit, “I sleep in very minimal clothing. My grandmother encourages nude sleeping.” Word to her grandmother.

Ariana also said that she lets her dogs sleep with her sometimes, is a vegan, and other personal facts that no one really gives a shit about, according to the story.

As for those Fappening pics, especially that one glorious photo that was supposedly of Adriana’s butt, Grande denies that it was her, tweeting that her “ass is a lot cuter that that.”

Anyone who saw that particular photo would find that VERY hard to believe.

Now you might be saying, “This wasn’t much of a story. No real meat to it.” To which I would reply, “Did you think for just one second about Ariana Grande lying naked in her bed?” Then I would drop the mic because, scoreboard me.

Ariana Grande image by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock

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