Avril Lavigne Takes A Shot At Mark Zuckerberg For Making Fun Of Nickelback In His Promotional Video



Did you guys see the video Mark Zuckerberg made for JARVIS, an artificial intelligence platform called JARVIS, and his treasured brain child. Zuckerberg is a total nerdburger in the video and halfway through you can’t help but get the impression he’s being held against his will. In the

At one point in the promotional video, a sweating Zuckerberg asks Jarvis to “play us some good Nickelback songs.” Jarvis, in a Morgan Freeman Freeman voice of his, replies with an unforgiving, “I’m sorry Mark, I’m afraid I can’t do that. There are no good Nickelback songs.” Zuckerfuck then pauses and replies, “Good. That was actually a test.”

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Poor Nickelback, sitting on their $50 million fortune, tasting all of our hater tears.

Avril Lavigne, the ex-wife of lead singer Chad Kroeger, likely has combated her fair share of Nickelback hate throughout her relationship with Ramen noodle head. She took to Twitter to defend Nickelback’s honor. LOOK AT THIS PHOTOGRAPH!

This isn’t the first time Avril went to bat for Kroeger and the boys, she went in on a few news outlets after they claimed that in the public eye, Nickelback was viewed less favorably than genocide. Ok, that was an exaggeration but whatevs.

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