Avril Lavigne Rushes To Nickelback’s Defense In A Series Of Angry Tweets After News Outlets Cyberbully The Band

Chad and Avril

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By now, we are all well aware that having favorable opinions of Nickelback is about as cool as JNCO jean cargo shorts. But in my mind, Nickelback has sucked for so long that its become not cool to hate them. They’re level of sustained shittiness has become impressive, honorable even.

And apparently other people are coming full-circle on Nickelback too, as a recent poll suggested that Americans favor Nickelback over presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Big win for Chad and the boys.

As the news was distributed to the masses, not everyone was excited about the Canadian rock band’s accomplishment–namely ex-wife of lead singer Chad Kroeger, Avril Lavigne.

You remember Avril, right?

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Even though the power couple got divorced last September, Avril took exception to an article posted by E! News entitled, ‘Justice for Nickelback: Poll Reveals People Actually Dislike One Thing More Than the Rock Band.’

Lavigne took to Twitter to defend her ex-beau from being cyber bullied. Interesting time to come out o the woodwork considering its been going on for like 15 years.

Wait, 17 #1 hit singles?

When I Googled if this was true, Kroeger’s net worth popped up and I’ve since slipped into a debilitating depression.


Come to think of it, Nickelback and the Donald have a lot in common: everyone loves to express their hatred towards them, but the numbers tell a different story. Kroeger ’16!

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