Aziz Ansari And Jimmy Fallon Dramatically Reading Butthurt Yelp Reviews And Restaurant’s Responses Is Priceless

Bros, I’m stoked to see that Aziz Ansari still gets some face time on mainstream TV. I know he’s had a few Netflix specials/TV shows over the past two years, but if you go back to around the time of Funny People his career was taking the fuck off,. Since then it’s been pretty stagnant, and he’s been wasting away on Indie projects over on Netflix, and Kevin Hart has gone on to become the biggest name in Comedy…I’m sure there’s an audience for what he’s been doing but I tried to watch Master of None and couldn’t make it past the second episode.

Anyways, it’s refreshing to see Aziz back on TV and making people laugh. This concept of reading a back-and-forth between a Yelp reviewer and the restaurant responding is so simple it’s both stupid and hilarious, which kind of sums up Jimmy Fallon‘s most successful sketches in history. I’m not claiming that this is one of the all-time greats, but it’s certainly the funniest thing I’ve seen from Aziz in months and it’s nice to see that he’s back.