Bear Grylls Says He Pretended That Spice Girl Mel B Saved His Life When She Peed On Him, ‘I Didn’t Wanna Be Rude’

Last week Matt Keohan outed himself as a piss-fetishist by writing a little diddy with the title “Smoking Hot Spice Girl Mel B Peeing On Bear Grylls After He Got Stung By A Jellyfish Is A Weird Boner.” Weird admission to give out freely to the masses, yes — but what Keohan does in the wee hours of the morning with a gallon jug of water and a .02 cent Craigslist hooker is none of my business. And even though this week’s session might be a cheesy attempt to recreate what went down with Mel B and Bear on Running Wild, apparently Bear didn’t even want Mel to pee on him.

…well, sort of. During an interview with ITV’s This Morning, Bear admitted that he had more or less lied about the effect that Mel B’s pee had on his jellyfish sting. “[It didn’t make] a huge difference, but I didn’t wanna be rude. It helped a little bit. But it wasn’t the miracle cure I’d been hoping for. I was like, ‘Oh great, that’s such a relief!’”

Yup – Bear Grylls, after turning down Mel B’s offer to pee on him two to three times, decided “Oh, fuck it” and let her channel her best R. Kelly impression for the viewers at home.

That’s called “good television,” and I’m glad it’ll live on forever in clips on the Internet:

[H/T Daily Mail]