Bear Grylls Reveals The Insane Level Of Security Needed For ‘Running Wild’ Episode With Barack Obama

A few months ago, Bear Grylls took President Barack Obama out into the Alaskan wilderness on his show Running Wild to ROUGH IT. Or, more accurately, try to make it look like they were roughing it. We all know he’s the fucking president and his life is precious, so Grylls obviously had to take it easy on him. You don’t want to be the guy who accidentally killed Barry O for TV ratings. Unless it’s sweeps week. Then you do what you gotta do. (KIDDING!!!)

Anyway… Grylls recently went on The Jonathan Ross Show and revealed some truths behind that episode of Running Wild. We all know the President is going to have a cavalcade of agents following his every move and to make sure he is safe. However, what I didn’t know is that they brought along a big black box that they would stuff the president in and would be used to carry Barry to safety (by helicopter) should anything go wrong.

‘They had this big black box if anything went wrong he gets in that and has all the nuclear codes, a big hook on the top for a helicopter, it’s a container (and they take him away).

‘We had like 60 Secret Service, snipers in the mountains. I’m not joking, we had the whole four helicopters in the air, it was a crazy whole machine to watch.

They actually put special presidential loos every kilometre. Of course none of them got used… I think he actually went in the bushes at one point.

Pissing in the bushes is one thing. It’s what guys do. But only an insane person shits in the woods if a bathroom is nearby. And you can bet if Barry had to shit, he was was going in that bathroom. In fact, I’d think less of him if he willingly skipped the bathroom and did it in the woods for the sake of authenticity. If I were Grylls, and Obama tried to shit in the woods, I’d look at him and be like, “Bro, we pretended that the salmon was left on a river bank by a Bear, there’s an ocean of snipers in these woods, and you have a fucking BLACK BOX…just shit in the port-a-potty, ya weirdo.”

Watch the whole episode here…

[H/T Metro]