11 Best Nickelodeon TV Shows From The 90s

When we learned that Nickelodeon was introducing a new channel dedicated solely to 90s cartoons, it quickly stirred up the sweet, sweet nostalgia of some of our favorite TV shows. We started reminiscing about our favorite Nickelodeon shows that are gone, but definitely not forgotten. Here are the top 11 Nickelodeon shows from the 1990s.

11.) Rocko’s Modern Life (1993 – 1996)
IMDB Rating: 8 / TV.com Rating: 8.7

Oh the wacky adventures that an Australian wallaby named Rocko would encounter when he moved to America. Rocko was inspired by a trip to the zoo by the show’s creator, Joe Murray. When he saw a little kangaroo that seemed oblivious to the chaos around him, Murray based his character after him.

You had to appreciate that the show often went over the line of being a kids show, and straight for some very adult innuendo. Such as the time that Rocko lost his job, then worked as a phone sex operator. There was even instructions on the wall behind Rocko that reminded all employees to “Be Hot, Be Naughty, and Be Courteous.” It was so fitting that Mrs. Bighead called into the provocative hot line. Oh that Bev Bighead was always trying to seduce Rocko.

10.) Kenan & Kel (1996 – 2000)
IMDB Rating: 7.9 / TV.com Rating: 8.7

Who loves orange soda?
K-K-Kel loves orange soda.
Is it true? Is it TRUUUUE?
MMMHHMMM! I do, I do, I do-oooh!

The antics by Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell always got them in trouble. And if their scheming didn’t get them in Dutch, then Kel’s clumsiness was sure to ruin everything.

9.) Clarissa Explains It All (1991 – 1994)
IMDB Rating: 7.3 / TV.com Rating: 8.6

Before Melissa Joan Hart was Sabrina, she was Clarissa, and Clarissa Darling was the cool 90s chick. She rocked lots of neon colored clothes, wore Doc Martens, listened to The Violent Femmes and had a pet lizard named Elvis. Clarissa literally explained everything, and gave teens all the life advice they would need.

8.) All That (1994 – 2005)
IMDB Rating: 7.5 / TV.com Rating: 8.1

All That was a Saturday Night Live for kids, and ironically enough it featured current SNL castmate Kenan Thompson. But it also starred Kel Mitchell, Nick Cannon and a non-crazy Amanda Bynes. The show had so many appearances by music acts that epitomized the 90s including Sugar Ray, A Tribe Called Quest, Busta Rhymes, Robyn, 98 Degrees, New Radicals, Ma$e, Jesse McCartney, LFO, Montell Jordan, Nelly Furtado, Missy Elliot, P. Diddy, Coolio, Aaron Carter, BLACKstreet, Boys II Men, Mary J. Blige, TLC, Spice Girls, Brandy and Aaliyah. That’s like five volumes of “Now That’s What I Call Music” from any variety of years from the 90s.

And what about Pierre Escargot?

7.) Rugrats (1990 – 2006)
IMDB Rating: 7.6 / TV.com Rating: 8.6

“Life is so hard. Sometimes I think it is the hardest thing.” This is not a life-changing quote uttered by the lips of Plato or Friedrich Nietzsche. This pearl of wisdom is brought to you by the one and only Chuckie Finster.

This ragtag group of toddlers gave us so much inspiration and laughter, led by of course their valiant leader, Tommy Pickles. And in a time when boys disliked icky girls, Angelica Pickles, personified every hateable, bratty girl you knew.

6.) Doug (1991 – 1994)
IMDB Rating: 7.6 / TV.com Rating: 8.8

Doug Yancey Funnie embodied the unsure, anxious pre-teen in all of us. However through the writings in Doug’s journal, he transformed into Quailman, his heroic and brave superhero alter-ego. If only Quailman could use his superpowers to tempt Patti Mayonnaise, Doug’s longtime crush, into noticing him.

Doug taught us to be friends with people of different colors, whether they be blue like his best friend Skeeter or his dog Porkchop, purple like Beebe Bluff and even green like that asshole Roger Klotz.