Nickelodeon’s Launching A New Channel For ’90s Cartoons And This Trailer Just Made Me Gak In My Pants

Nickelodeon just announced ‘The Splat’, a new TV channel that will be dedicated entirely to Nick cartoons from the 1990’s like The Ren & Stimpy Show, Rocko’s Modern Life, Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, and Rugrats. Now I think it’s important that you don’t get bummed out by this, and don’t dwell on feeling old just because we’ve aged to the point that Nickelodeon’s finally given us our own TV-Land. We should feel honored that Nickelodeon respects our ‘born in the 80s’ generation so much that they’re going to give us a dedicated TV channel.

The new channel from Nickelodeon will be named ‘The Splat’, and they took the opportunity to announce their new nostalgia-fueled channel with Smashmouth at the 2015 ’90s Fest’, held last weekend in Williamsburg, Brooklyn:


I haven’t been able to track down an official launch date for The Splat, but the new 90s Cartoon TV channel from Nickelodeon is definitely forthcoming. Thus far Nickelodeon’s hyping up the new channel with the hashtag #TheSplatIsComing, but I fully expect them to announce a launch date in the very near future. So until then…