These 20 Memorable TV Screw-Ups Will Really Make You Appreciate Live Television

Purple Dildo


Live television has provided some of the biggest moments in pop culture history. Most of those moments were royal fuck-ups.

For example, you probably will have to think a minute if I asked who won the 2012 Super Bowl, but if I said “yo, remember when the lights went out at the Super Bowl” you’d remember it instantly. Or if I said “remember that time at the American Music Awards when Taylor Swift said something funny” you’d go “that never happened” and punch me for being such a liar.

Here’s a compiled list of the 20 best live TV bloopers in the history of television. Among the honorees are Nipplegate, George Bush hates black people, Ashley Simpson killing her music career, that bald Irish singer ripping up a picture of the Pope and the guy who dropped his brand new iPhone 6 on the pavement. It’s also got a few rare gems that include Andy Kaufman, a reporter having a stroke in the middle of a Grammy report and a reporter getting it upside the head with a purple dildo.

Alright, fine, here’s purple dildo to whet your appetite.

Check out the entire list here. 

I love you live TV. I love you more than I love myself.

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