Bill Burr Hilariously Eviscerates His Own Sponsor For Being Frauds On His Podcast, Promptly Loses Sponsor

Incredible. Even the greatest, wealthiest comedians in the business aren’t immune to selling out to a corporation to line their pockets. See: Tina Fey in those insufferable American Express commercials, Jim Gaffigan in those watered-down Chrysler Pacifica spots, Seth Rogen/Amy Schumer in those cringeworthy Bud Light ads we’re constantly face fucked with.

But leave it to Bill Burr–the dude who once stopped his set short in Philly to shit on the city of Philadelphia for 12 straight minutes when confronted by hecklers–to bite the hand that feeds him and immediately get dropped by that hand.

Burr took aim at ScoreBig, a secondary ticket seller, who, as a Redditor pointed out, could have done without the negative publicity.



Had to post the Philly rant because it is some of the best improvised insults I’ve heard since a commenter called me an “Sad Aborted Fetus” back on November 5, 2015. I won’t soon forget.

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