Hey New York Sloots! Wanna Go To The NYC ‘Blue Mountain State’ Movie Premiere? Here’s How…


Bro beans! Sloots! Pocket pussy enthusiasts! — After years of hype, Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland IS FINALLY HERE! Go buy the movie OnDemand because there’s a serious chance that the Goathouse Bros could make it back to television if The Rise Of Thadland is commercially successful.

We’re amped to have Blue Mountain State finally back in our lives. As such, we have the hook-up for tonight’s NYC screening of the Blue Mountain State movie at Sunshine Theater on E. Houston Street tomorrow, Wednesday, February 3rd. Screening starts at 6:30PM and the red carpet with Thad Castle and the gang is at 5:30PM.

We’ll be giving away one pair of tickets to a lucky BMS fan in NYC. In order to enter, all you have to do is FOLLOW BroBible on Instagram, be able to attend the premiere (so, like… you should be in the NYC Metro area), and write your favorite funny quote from BMS on this Instagram pic. We’ll DM a winner later this afternoon.

When you remember that the Blue Mountain State movie comes out next week…

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Good luck, sloots!

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