Who’s The Better Liar? Kerry Washington Or Jimmy Fallon? It’s Not Even Close

Last night on The Tonight Show the lovely Kerry Washington sat down with Jimmy Fallon to talk about the fourth season of Scandal, but as usual it was the guest’s participation in one of the skits that was the highlight as Kerry and Jimmy played a spirited game of “Box of Lies.”

The last time we saw “Box Of Lies” Kate Hudson was the participant and she did okay, but in this go-round Washington was faced with the unique task of having to either tell the truth or lie about a seriously WTF item sitting in front of her. Washington’s approach, as it turned out, worked pretty well (even if it was unintended).

Here’s the interview portion where Jimmy and Kerry did actually talk a little Scandal, although Washington somehow managed to detour into challenging Jimmy to do a little synchronized swimming.

More Scandal talk and a discussion of Washington’s Game of Thrones obsession.