‘Bros’ Episode Two Is Coming, Plus a Preview

After the online success of episode one, and off-line success at the Hoboken Film Festival, series creator Anthony DiMieri spent the last few weeks scripting several follow-ups, and today, episode two began filming in Murray Hill. It's called “Murray Chill,” natch, and while an apartment move-in kept me from me from playing an extra at Joshua Tree—and I had just shined my best Sperrys, too—we have been sent a few EXCLUSIVE shots from the filming. Tyler, the red-headed bro giving a barside chat above, will play a prominent role in this new iteration. (Each of the four main bros, actually, will be fleshed out a bit more.) Here he is with his love interest Becky:

And here he is again:

Needless to say, the show has promise. The first episode struck a difficult balance between parodying bro culture and giving it a well-intentioned understanding, and that self-awareness about the whole thing is something we strive for here as well.

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