Surveillance Video Shows Rapper Busta Rhymes Going Absolutely Ape Shit On An NYC Gym Employee

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It’s a shitty feeling to hear that one of your favorite artists growing up is actually a giant penis.

Surveillance footage has recently been released of Busta Rhymes going straight insane on an NYC gym employee in August after he told the rapper’s cameraman he wasn’t allowed inside without permission, according to Page Six.

The staffer, 33-year-old Olegario Hernandez, claims the 43-year-old Busta spewed the below venom before hurling a protein shake at him and slamming his computer monitor:

“You don’t know who I am! I’m Busta Rhymes! I’m the real n–ga! You’re a f–king f–got, you are a p–sy! You are a Mexican crossing the border to come to this country, I will f–k you up.”

Page Six reports that off camera, one of Rhymes’ security guards went behind the counter and allegedly pushed Hernandez into an office door, breaking it, claims Hernandez. Hernandez  said the encounter caused him to make a hospital visit, where he was treated for swelling and scratches to his head.

Busta was allegedly arrested for assault, but cut a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time and pleaded guilty to 2nd degree harassment. He also agreed to anger management classes.

Check out Busta losing his shit below.

Be better, Busta. Be better.

[h/t Page Six]

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