What? The Little Blonde Girl Who Played Eminem’s Sister In ‘8 Mile’ Is 21-Years-Old Now

Universal Pictures

That’s right. The little blonde actress who played Eminem’s younger sister in the movie 8 Mile is now 21 freaking years-old.

Chloé Greenfield, who was just 7-years-old when she worked alongside Slim Shady on the film, graduated from high school in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan in June of 2013.

So how old do you feel now?

I bet a bunch of you didn’t even know that after playing Eminem’s sister Greenfield went to act in 24 episodes of ER as Sarah Riley, the daughter of John Stamos’ character Dr. Tony Gates.

Heck, I don’t even remember John Stamos being on ER, let alone the girl who played Eminem’s kid little sis in 8 Mile.

Anyway, here’s what Greenfield, who reportedly moved to Los Angeles and is now old enough to legally drink, looks like now…







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