The Story Of Chris Farley Taking A Steamy Dump Out A Window At ‘SNL’ Is Probably Worth A Listen

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With the long anticipated release of the Chris Farley documentary, I Am Farleyto be released on Spike TV on August 10th, many celebrities and people close to the legendary comedian have publicly shared behind-the-scenes anecdotes of Farley’s hilarious antics.

While Farley was in college at Marquette University, his friend Barry Calpino recalled a few gems including Farley interrupting French literature class and abusing the poor teacher, running through a big plate glass window at the student union late at night, and being the pioneer-innovator behind a rugby club drinking game called “butt quarters” – which requires no additional explanation.

The latest Farley folklore, as told by SNL write Jay Mohr and dug up by the folks at Uproxx, recalls the time Jay Mohr and Dave Atell, who shared an office, and been awake for 48 hours straight unsuccessfully trying to write. Delusional from lack of sleep, Mohr propositioned Farley, who had poked his head in, with an unusual wager. I’ll let him explain from here…

I had to rewind that twice to make sure I heard the whole “wiped his ass with his own shit and then walked through the halls like a zombie trying to find someone’s face to smear it on” part. Ya, that’s what he said.

The legend continues.

[h/t Uproxx]

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