Chris Pratt Shares Insane First Headshot Story, Is A ‘Word Sneak’ Winner

chris pratt tonight show

YouTube/The Tonight Show

Chris Pratt made the most of his final late night tour stop last night appearing on The Tonight Show, playing a little “Word Sneak,” sharing his AMAZING first Hollywood headshot, and talking about, of course, his upcoming appearance as the host of Saturday Night Live’s 40th season premiere.

For those unfamiliar, “Word Sneak” is when you have to somehow sneak very unusual words into regular conversation (thus “Word Sneak”), and as you’ll see Pratt is very good at it. Jimmy Fallon? Not so much.

Then, as I mentioned, Pratt shared the story of his first Hollywood headshot, a story that’s almost as unbelievable as him going from living in a van to being the star of just about the biggest movie ever.

chris pratt headshot

YouTube/The Tonight Show


And finally, Pratt talks about how when he was in high school he and his friends used to rip off SNL sketches bringing his life full circle as he now actually gets to host the very show he ripped off.

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