Christina Aguilera Called Mickey Mouse An Asshole Because He Wouldn’t Take A Picture With Her

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Man, the Illuminati have busy the last week or so. Rihanna went to Barbados, Beyonce took a trip to Iceland and Christina Aguilera (former member of the Mickey Mouse Club cast) visited Disneyland for her birthday where she reportedly threw a bit of a tantrum with the high point being when she called Mickey Mouse an asshole. (In her defense, he can be a bit of a prick. Thinks he’s all high and mighty since he’s like Jerry West and is “The Logo” and all.)

According to TMZ, Xtina and fam were at “The Happiest Place on Earth” when she got into it with with the Mouse.

Our theme park source tells us while ringing in her 34th b-day at Disney’s California Adventure, Christina and her crew tried to get a pic with Mickey, but he was going on a break … so Christina was told she had to wait. Cue meltdown!

Aguilera lost it, and called Mickey an “a**hole.” We’re told she even dropped the dreaded, “Do you know who I am?”

Xtina’s crew started hurling threats, we’re told … and Mickey had to be ushered to a safe zone — out of public view. Security was called, but by the time they arrived … the former Mouseketeer had already split.

When are celebrities going to stop going to the “Do you know who I am card?” Oh yeah, never. That’s because if it was me, you know I’d be playing that card like 40 times a day because screw regular people.

By the way, props to whoever was inside that costume for saying, “Yo, it’s break time, I don’t care who the hell you are.” You are my new hero.