Someone Help Me Understand What’s Going On In This Ciara Pregnancy Picture With Russell Wilson

by 2 years ago

A mucho pregnant Ciara just posted a picture that is causing quite the stir on the inter webs. The photo was snapped for a Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot and features Ciara holding the child she had with rapper Future and who I  presume is Russell Wilson behind her on his knees palming Ciara’s pregnant belly. It is truly a cornucopia of limbs and for a good 10 seconds I was convinced Ciara was an octopus.

Many are waiting with bated breath in anticipation for the response of Future, who may take exception to the photo–whether it be Russell Wilson in his ex’s ass crack or his child (now Russell’s stepchild) being held in the buff. This may sound petty, but you have to remember that at one point, Ciara was once worried that her ex was going to murder Russ. Twitter has gone haywire since the photo has been released.

I want to play!


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