Coldplay Just Sitting There While A No Name Band Trashes Their Table At An Award Show Is Classic Coldplay

The bully mentality is to find the most vulnerable, submissive victim in the crowd and prey on them to establish dominance. Bring Me the Horizon lead singer Oli Sykes (crickets) knew that Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is still reeling from being universally lambasted for his vanilla Super Bowl performance and decided to strike while the iron was hot, turning the band into a human punching bag. So disrespectful you kinda have to respect it. Can’t wait to download all of Bring Me the Horizon’s hit song on MySpace.

P.S. I have no idea what award show this is but it looks like a JV football banquet. The fact that they had a high school jam band perform while Coldplay sits with a bunch of unopened champagne bottles confirms everything I’ve ever expected Coldplay to be. This dude tries this stunt on Nickelback, Chad Kroeger would have choked the life out of him with his microphone chord.

P.P.S. I genuinely enjoy at least six of Coldplay’s songs. Every time I hear ‘Yellow’ I fight the urge to contact my ex girlfriend. So powerful. So fucking powerful.

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