LMAO The Lineup For The ‘Comedy Central Roast Of Rob Lowe’ Is The Weakest That’s Ever Been Broughten

Rob Lowe is fine. Really, he’s anodyne.

What bad things could you say about him? I’m sure he was part of some mini-controversy or something some time back in the past, but it’s whatever. Who gives a shit? He’s Rob Lowe.

Perhaps that’s why Comedy Central couldn’t get anyone to come out and roast him.

Look at this weak shit.

Lol. I can’t even name half the people on that shit.

As put by one of my Bros:

Yea. And Jewel? Actually, I take that back. Jewel might be the most talented person on that whole stage.

Seriously, why not just not have this?

Normally, after roasts like this, some of the best clips go viral around the web.

Wanna bet that won’t happen here?

[Via @nkulw, @biocuriosity]