Dave Chappelle Explains The Reason Why He Doesn’t Allow Cell Phones At His Shows

by 2 years ago

Dave Chappelle’s Deep in the Heart of Texas stand-up special dropped on Netflix last night and it’s probably already breaking records because every person I follow on Twitter seems to have watched it. Netflix, however, doesn’t release stats on how many people are watching so we might not ever know just how successful Dave Chappelle‘s $60 million stand-up specials truly are.

To kick off his overnight ascension back into the role as ‘#1 Man in Comedy’, Dave Chappelle appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night. The two talked about all the usual sorts of thing you’d expect to see in a Dave Chappelle interview, but then they moved onto discussing a policy which has brought Dave’s comedy shows a lot of press.

I actually caught Dave Chappelle’s stand-up last month, February 11th, when he swung through Sarasota, Florida. Going into the show I knew that Dave makes every fan lock up their cell phones before entering the auditorium. He passes out bags which lock up the phones for the entire show, and they won’t release until ushers unlock them as the fans are leaving the auditoriums. I left my cell phone in my car before his show because I knew what to expect, having covered Dave’s locking bags here on BroBible a while back.

What I found fascinating was even once we were inside of the arena and every fan had locked their phones up Dave still had multiple announcements made that anyone spotted using a cell phone would be thrown out immediately. He’s fucking SERIOUS about fans not using cell phones during his shows. Dave Chappelle shared his reasons for doing this with Jimmy Kimmel last night and it all makes sense.

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