Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Are BACK ON, Reportedly Spent Valentine’s Day Together

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You know that thing where you go out of your way to show yourself having a grand ol’ time in front of someone just to make that someone jealous? Well we all thought that DiCaprio’s power move of making out with a model in front of Rihanna was just the nail in the coffin of their relationship, but apparently it wasn’t since the two reportedly spent Valentine’s Day together…which means that his power move was maybe just his way of being dominant. Or not. Or maybe he’s just Leonardo motherfucking DiCaprio and he does whatever the fuck, whenever the fuck he wants.

But yeah, Valentine’s Day. How cliché.

The two stars, who have been flirting and orchestrating occasional meetups for months, took their fling to the next level this past week when they spent Valentine’s Day weekend together. The “FourFiveSeconds” singer, 26, was spotted with the Wolf of Wall Street actor in New York City

On Friday, Feb. 13, Rih and DiCaprio did a little clubbing, hitting celeb-happy Manhattan hotspots 1 OAK and Up & Down. They continued their sexy weekend the next night when they both attended Paul McCartney’s secret concert at the downtown venue Irving Plaza.

“They were whispering and staring into each other’s eyes,” an insider tells Us Weekly exclusively of the pair’s get-together at the the show, adding that they were standing very close to one another as they took in the music and slipped out quietly together halfway through the show.

Via US Magazine

You know how I spent my Valentine’s Day? Arguing with my boyfriend and then cancelling our dinner reservation. That’s what real couples do; argue and bitch at each other. What is this “whispering and staring into each other’s eyes” crap? That sounds like a shit line out of some two-cent Nicholas Sparks novel. I dunno about you guys, but I’m starting to call bullshit on this…

Oh look, I’m not the only one.

According to Hollyscoop (y’know I never used to read these tabloid sites and now my job literally requires me to do so…I’m not sure if my life has gotten worse or better after becoming gainfully employed), the reason that Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna have been hanging around each other so much is because Rihanna is actually dating Leo’s friend, Richie Akiva. The reason you’ve never heard that name is because he isn’t a celebrity or anything “glamorous” like that, he’s just a nightclub owner in New York.

He also looks like a bit of a tool:


So where does that leave us? Well we have to take into consideration:

  1. Is Richie Akiva a tool?
  2. If he is, would Rihanna be dating a tool?
  3. If he’s not, then Rihanna could totally be dating him…
  4.  …but at the same time Chris Brown is a tool and she dated him
  5. So I don’t know where that leaves us
  6. Six!
  7. I hate Hollywood rumors about people I don’t give 3 fucks about
  8. Let’s just say that Rihanna is dating both of them and they have giant freaky orgies in high-class hotel rooms all over the world.

You heard it here folks: Rihanna loves them devil’s triangles.

[H/T US Magazine and Hollyscoop]

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