Even Donald Trump Thinks Roger Goodell Upholding Tom Brady’s Suspension Is Batshit Crazy!!!

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Of course he does! There’s no other answer here. Of course Donald Trump is right on the one issue that it’s literally impossible to be wrong on! I’ve yet to hear a of Roger Goodell sympathizer, but how could there be? At this point, I don’t even thing Roger Goodell trusts Roger Goodell. Just upholding 4-game suspensions with zero factual or hard evidence, aside from Tom Brady’s admission of destroying his phone. Because that implies guilt these days, huh?

The Donald weighed in on the probing NFL issue on the Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting” show on Wednesday morning. The following are excerpts of Trump’s sentiments regarding Goodell’s handling of #Deflategate, and the entire clip of Donald Trump’s 18-minute interview can be found below that.

Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump called the NFL’s handling of Tom Brady’s four-game suspension “shocking.”

“It’s shocking the way it’s been handled,” Trump said today on Boston Herald Radio’s “Morning Meeting” show. “It’s a disgrace. It’s as bad or worse than Ray Rice.”

Trump, who said he knows Tom Brady well and considers him a good friend, said the Deflategate issue should have been taken care of quickly.

“Robert Kraft trusted the NFL and that they would make a fair decision and he was let down,” Trump said. “I would say Tom is their big star and it’s bad for him. This could have been handled quickly in a week. If Trump were commissioner it would have been wrapped up in a week.”

“The other thing is the balls,” he said. “To this day I don’t know if they know whether they were wrong or right, there was no good way of testing them.”

Trump also said he had advised Brady to sue.

“He waited too long, he should have sued them earlier,” Trump said of Brady.

As for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contention that Brady destroyed his cell phone, Trump said he has heard reports that the quarterback had to get a new phone.

“The way it was released it sounds bad but when you hear Tom’s side, I don’t know,” Trump said. “It’s a very different way of hearing it. I know him so well, he’s such a high quality guy.”

Ummmmm, holy shit. Does this mean Tom Brady is voting for Donald Trump? Because if that happens that he’s going to be president. Can’t even dispute that.

But what if Tom Brady instead uses his pull with the NFLPA to somehow oust Roger Goodell as NFL commissioner in lieu of Donald Trump!? Genius! NFL entertainment value skyrockets through the fucking roof! Media value galore! Build a stadium on the top of Trump Tower!!!

“Commissioner Trump.” Now that has a great ring to it.

“President of the United States, Donald Trump,” well, I’m not so sure about that one yet…

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