This Guy Finally Got Eaten Alive By A Massive Anaconda And That’s Probably Something You Want To See (Video)



The long awaited moment to see Paul Rosolie get eaten alive by a massive anaconda happened last night. Sort of.

For whatever reason (See: ratings), the Discovery Channel felt it was necessary to make the build up to the actual moment of anaconda dominance a 115 minute affair. Maybe they figured once the viewer invested enough time, they would be dumb enough to stick around in case something really awesome happened. They were banking FOMO. Kind of reminds me of when I was a kid and I’d see the “nudity” warning on a HBO movie that was airing late at night. I didn’t know when those sweet, sweet titties were going to flash on the screen, but goddammit, I wasn’t about to miss it. Like a young me, whoever watched this was horny to see a human get eaten alive. Also like me, whoever watched this “eaten alive” special was probably disappointed, unsatisfied, and a little embarrassed for wasting all that time when the unspectacular moment finally happened.

So what happened? See for yo’self.