Emma Stone Was The Cutest, Worst Liar Playing ‘Box Of Lies’ With Jimmy Fallon

emma stone box of lies

YouTube/The Tonight Show

Emma Stone appeared on The Tonight Show last night to promote her movie Birdman, but it was her funny game of “Box Of Lies” with Jimmy Fallon that stole the show.

Last time Emma Stone appeared on the show she kicked Jimmy’s butt in a lip sync battle, but wasn’t too confident in how she’d fare as a liar. “I love to lip sync, but I’m a terrible liar. This is a bad game for me,” said Stone. Turns out she was right, but was still cute nonetheless, as usual.

Stone also did some local promos, a relatively new thing Fallon has been sharing (Robert Downey, Jr.’s were priceless), where she and Fallon talked about the grade school play “Turkey for Perky” of all things.

During the interview portion of Stone’s appearance she discussed her first plays only to have The Roots shock her with a tune from her first grade musical. (She’s kind of easily shocked.)

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