This ‘Entourage’-Themed Monopoly Board Is A Funny Parody Of Every Bro’s Favorite Show

Bros. If you’re anything like me, you’ve had June 12, 2015 circled in your calendar for almost a year. That’s the day the Entourage movie hits theaters, meaning Bros everywhere will be hugging it out and drooling over Sloan in multiplexes everywhere. I can’t wait, you can’t wait, every Bro who has ever shotgunned a Natty light in a stadium parking lot can’t wait. It’s Entourage movie going to be so fucking epic that a sequel is pretty much already a sure-thing.

As we count down the days until Entourage returns to our lives, we’re ready for more and more Entourage-related Internet shit. Last night one of my favorite follows on Twitter, the Entourage parody account Assistant 2 Doug Ellin, tweeted out this great pic of an Entourage-themed Monopoly board. Some of the references are a little cliche (Nickelback Papa Roach? Smash Mouth? Jersey Shore? Ed Hardy? Affliction? — *Johnny Drama voice* “COME ON, BRO!”), but others like CAA and Oriental Rub & Tug are pretty spot on.

Print it out and play this weekend. Winner gets to star in James Cameron’s Aquaman sequel. Or to bang Mandy Moore in her prime. Loser has to watch Medellin while Billy Walsh snorts cocaine off your girlfriend’s chest.



I don’t even care if it’s slightly making fun of every Bro’s favorite show. Comedy is a pretty damn high form of flattery. I Can. Not. Wait.

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