Final ‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer Plays Like A Trippy Music Video Featuring Drunk Psychopaths And Otherworldly Monsters

I’m definitely not not excited for Suicide Squad. Granted, I’m a little nervous because Batman V. Superman left such a bitter taste in my mouth, but I’m more or less pretty excited. And more more, not more less. There’s plenty of reasons to be excited. Will Smith shooting people in the face with pinpoint accuracy. A cannibal that also happens to be half crocodile. That dude who shoots fire. Cara Delevingne playing a really filthy naked witch. Jared Leto‘s nightmare-inducing take on the Joker that also may or may not be the most realistic portrayal of Justin Bieber as a clown gangster we’ll ever get. And, of course, Margot Robbie as Joker’s ass-kicking and equally as crazy girlfriend.

Honestly, even if the movie ends up being an absolute disaster, I’ll still see it if just for those characters running around beating people up. The final trailer, courtesy of Comic-Con, opens the world a little bit. It includes monsters from another dimension, some sort of portal to another world, a preview of the film’s soundtrack and, thankfully, these characters killing a bunch of…things. There’s also a scene where they all get drunk, which I’m really into. I’d watch a full movie about a reptile-man cannibal, two serial-killer clown’s girlfriend, a couple of assassins and some sort of fire-breathing criminal getting drunk in a bar.