You Can Now Fly Into The Danger Zone By Visiting These 5 Top Hot Spots From ‘Archer’

One of the perks of being a secret agent is you get to see a lot of places, some exotic, some toxic, some seemingly inescapable. In seven seasons, Sterling Archer has seen some stuff and some things and he WOULD recommend it. This video highlights five of the best vacation spots from the FX show you know and love that should be on your radar.

Believe it or leave it, but I’ve been to three of these five places. And, if we’re all being honest, I never knew one of those places even existed. And I was in the top 25% of my geography class. All the more reason to scope it out, nah mean?

Don’t get me wrong, I love ‘Murica. But, we can make America great again by bringing back some culture from the best of the rest of the Earth’s crust. Sure, the rest of the world either loves us or they hate us ‘cuz they ain’t us, but such is life at the top.

Two of the five places I visited had late night TV commercials for 1-900 hotlines that feature full-on nudity. Like, there are 24/7 softcore porn channels for free. Also, one of the places had hookers hanging by a road, coming in and out of a forest, within walking distance of a five-star restaurant. So lax over there, it’s disorienting.

For the full list of best vacation destinations, check out the Archer Travel Guide on UPROXX.

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