Crowd Turns On Godsmack Singer After He Taunts The Shit Out Of The Seahawks At A Washington Show

Godsmack vocalist Salvatore Erna did not make any new friends during last week’s show in Yakima, Washington. The Massachusetts native and avid Patriots fan heard someone yell “Patriots suck!” from the crowd and rather than brush the comment off, he took the opportunity to tell everyone the truth: the 2105 Seattle Seahawks suck big donkey balls. Or, as Erna puts in, the team sucks “big fuckin’ dick.”

The Godsmack frontman addresses some dude who flipped him the bird and you can hear another fan yell “We didn’t come here to talk about football!” I would have loved it if Erna continued to torture the crowd by throwing in a “shoulda ran it” quip, or maybe even razz Russell Wilson for being abstinent in his relationship with Ciara. Just fuck her dude. That’s something we can all agree on.

[h/t Deadspin]

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