Tired from a ‘Grand Theft Auto’ Midnight Launch? ‘Least You Didn’t Get Stabbed Last Night

The unidentified man is said today to be in stable condition at an area hospital following the incident, which happened at around 1:20 a.m. British time. He was reportedly attacked by a gang of kids, who were not found. Ruffians.

The news went viral on Twitter this morning as luckier gamers settled in for Los Santos adventures with their new sociopathic friends Trevor, Franklin, and Michael. “It's just a game,” went the most common sentiment. And there were quite a few sensationalistic headlines to be found from the usual sources.

But to be honest, I'm kind of surprised there aren't more horror stories today. There really could have been a lot of muggings and thefts and midnight-line shenanigans last night. This isn't to say that GTA's violence should have inspired copy-cat crimes—at all—it's just awesome and frankly surprising that so many people were able line up outside, in the dark, and publicly buy a sought-after item without incident. Brandon and I both attended separate midnight launches a few blocks apart in downtown New York. We found both to be totally orderly and calm, which seems to have been the norm across the country and much of the world.

A lot of people bought sort-of expensive shit last night. And got to enjoy it today. Faith in humanity restored.

[H/T: Daily Mail]