This Is the Greatest Uncle Phil/James Avery Story You’ll Ever Read

My friend swears this is real:

My friend—we’ll call him “Dean”—works at a pet store here in Los Angeles, and recently James Avery, the actor who played Uncle Phil on Fresh Prince, has become a somewhat regular customer. Avery has come in two or three times with his dog, and each time Dean has helped him find what he needed, never mentioning that he recognized Avery from TV.

After a few interactions with Avery, Dean answered the phone at the store one day and found it was Avery calling. “This the dude who always helps me?” asked Avery. “It is,” said Dean. Avery then proceeded to tell Dean that his dog would be coming into the shop later that day, but, because he was busy, “a friend” was going to bring it in. Dean said cool and went about his day. A little while later, in came Avery’s dog, accompanied by the friend he’d told Dean about: none other than Joseph Marcell, the man who played Geoffrey the butler on Fresh Prince. Uncle Phil had sent Geoffrey the butler to the pet store for him.

Life is very seldom perfect, but sometimes it is.


Couldn't agree more.

[H/T: @cordjefferson]