Heisenberg Spotted Cooking Hot Dogs In Brazil And We’ll Take Two



It’s always interesting to see what your idols make of themselves after they walk away from the limelight. Warren Sapp, a seven time Pro Bowler, has been tangled up with bankruptcy and prostitutes. Steve Francis, once dubbed “The Franchise”, is now getting strangled by his own chain at rap concerts, and now my man Heisenberg is selling footlongs on the streets of Brazil after being the most feared man in Albuquerque.

But I would move to Mexico too if I were getting constantly nagged by Skyler about running a ruthless drug ring to put food on the table. Can he live, Skyler?

So ya, I’ll have two weiners, ketchup, mustard, and be liberal with that blue shit, Heisenberg. Or shit’s going to get diabolical.