High Schooler Asks T-Pain For A Senior Yearbook Quote. T-Pain Did Not Disappoint.

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Do you bros remember what you put as your senior quote? Hold on, let me guess.

Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart’s in it
And live the phrase Sky’s the limit. -Notorious BIG

No? Ok, I give up. But that BIG quote is the yearbook version of ‘Wonderwall’ around a camp fire.

Anyhoo, back in December a young high schooler with his life ahead of him and his dreams still intact reached out to a philosophical genius for a senior quote to live by going into his college years. Gabriel, the young whipper snapper, reached out to none other than T-Pain, the auto-tune genius behind smash hits like ‘I’m Sprung,’ ‘Booty Wurk,’ and ‘Bang Bang Pow Pow.’

T-Pain, who has one r1 million Twitter followers, someone stumbled across Gabriel’s request and gave him a quote that is insightful intellectual memorable.



Nailed it. In Gabriel’s eyes, it was Shakespearean.


Fast forward to June, a wide-smiled Gabriel received his yearbook and stuck by his word.


Before Gabriel got the quote tattooed on his forehead, a Twitter used felt obliged to remind him that T-Pain plagiarized the quote from none other former professional baseball player Oscar Gamble.

Regardless, follow your dreams, kid. And whatever T-Pain said.

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