Idris Elba Dropped The Twitter HAMMER On Media Reports That He Is Sleeping With Madonna


Getty Image

Over the weekend, acting badass Idris Elba turned into a real-life badass when the 44-year-old participated in his first actual kickboxing match and kicked some real-life ass.

The fight was part of a new Discovery Channel show called Idris Elba: Fighter in which Elba travels around the globe training in the fighting arts of Muay Thai and kickboxing.

Here’s Elba getting in a little training…

He actually looks pretty good, doesn’t he?

Well he is, because here’s a clip of Elba in action during the fight in London, which he won…

Note the name of the person who was filming the fight. Yep, it was Madonna of all people. As in THE Madonna.

Naturally, and especially because of all the jillion British tabloids, rumors immediately started spreading that Idris Elba was banging Madonna.

And as was the case when Madonna offered to blow anyone who voted for Hillary Clinton recently, Elba, like us, issued a very stern and hard pass on that ever happening.

I think this Twitter response to Elba’s declaration sums it up nicely for all of us…

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