Are We Going To Let James Caan Say Such Awful Things About ‘The Program’?

The Program James Caan

Touchstone Pictures

James Caan is a screen legend but that doesn’t give him the right to shit on one of the best sports movies of all time. And a movie he starred in no less!

Caan was asked by TMZ paps if the movie The Program was ahead of its time. The flick shed light on all the bad stuff that goes down behind closed doors at major colleges and how it all gets covered up in the name of bowl appearances and national championships.

Caan said that not only wasn’t the movie ahead of its time but that the flick was “vulgar.”

Vulgar? Has Caan read or heard about any of the recent issues with the fellas who play college football? The Program looks like a PBS show in comparison. Not only was it ahead of it’s time it probably didn’t show just how bad things were at the time. In these days of social media, the whistle gets blown way more often than previous decades and that probably prevents a ton of terrible decisions from being made.

The Program was vulgar, ahead of its time, and an awesome movie.