Jared Leto Gave Jimmy Fallon A Gift From The Joker That Turned Out To Be A Live Snake

Ok so, granted, that snake was so small it was essentially a worm, but still. Maybe it’s because I’m actually pretty afraid of snakes or maybe also because my nightmare is being on live TV and peeing my pants in fear, but fuck snakes. And fuck this. If I was Jimmy Fallon, I’d be having the Roots curb-stomping Jared Leto until the producers went to commercial break. Bombarding him with a snake like an absolute psychopath. Listen, I understand the whole ‘method-acting’ thing when it comes to people trying to get into character while playing the Joker, but there has to be a line somewhere. I feel like at this point, famous people are mostly excited for Suicide Squad to come out so they can stop looking over their shoulder whenever they think they hear Leto’s voice. These people get paid too much money to live in constant fear of some dude throwing dead rats stuffed in used condoms at them on the street or whatever twisted token of madness he was employing at the moment.

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