Watch Jennifer Lawrence Almost Get Killed By A Mob Of Fans At Her ‘Letterman’ Appearance

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This morning we saw just how awesome Jennifer Lawrence was on The Late Show With David Letterman, but what we didn’t know was that she RISKED HER VERY LIFE after being on the show.

Apparently, following her appearance on The Late Show Lawrence was outside doing a little meet and greet with her many adoring fans, signing autographs, shaking hands, that sort of thing. Then at some point, Lawrence appeared to be done and started walking towards her SUV when she decided, eh, what the hell, I’m J-Law and headed back to thrown down a few more autographs.

That was where she made her critical mistake as the excitement caused by her imminent return led fans to almost CRUSH HER TO DEATH in a stampede of humanity, knocking down barricades and sending Lawrence scampering for her awaiting vehicle with bodyguards shielding the way!

Watch now! WATCH NOW!

(I may have exaggerated a tiny little bit, but c’mon, people, chill the fuck out next time, okay?)