Jeremy Renner Crashed A Wedding And Was Reportedly A Giant Dick To Everyone In Attendance

If we’ve learned anything from watching Wedding Crashers, it’s that the key to successfully crashing a wedding is to either lie your balls off and convincingly fake your way through everything, or to maintain a low profile so no one really even notices you’re there. However, according to TMZ it appears that Jeremy Renner hasn’t learned either of these lessons considering he not only crashed a wedding (as if a celebrity could crash a wedding and go unnoticed) but was a giant douche to everyone in attendance.

The ‘Avengers’ star was in H-Town for Comicpalooza when he decided to cruise into the reception at the Regency Hotel, where he was staying over the weekend. Our spies tell us Jeremy was in classic crash form … hitting up the open bar.

But we’re told he was actually kind of standoffish with most of the guests … and even refused to take a pic with the bride and groom! Considering Jeremy’s just coming off a brief marriage and bitter divorce battle — it’s possible he just didn’t want to give ’em bad juju.

Renner tells a different story though, saying that he was actually hiding at the bar to avoid drawing attention away from the newlyweds, and states “I did enjoy conversations with many of the guests for about 15 minutes and went off to enjoy the sights of Houston for the night.” Right. Hmm. Doubtful. I mean what do you believe more, that Jenner blew off the bride and groom for an open bar or that he was just oh so thoughtful enough that he decided to hide near a conveniently open bar to avoid causing a commotion?

I’ll go with the former.