Former ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Training For WWE Tryout And It’s Not The One You’ve Got In Mind

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Jersey Shore Original Cast


Here’s where I ask “which star of Jersey Shore would make the most sense in WWE?” and you’d guess The Situation if he wasn’t always in rehab or Pauly D if he wasn’t making way too much money DJing or Ronnie because he’s built like a fire hydrant and probably has few other career options or maybe even Vinnie because he’s the last guy in the house and those other three answers were wrong.

Well it’s none of those guys, because it’s not even a guy, it’s a woman. Nope and nope to Snooki and J-BOMBS. Just stop guessing, it’s Angela. You don’t remember her? She was in season one and two, dropped out, and basically made the biggest mistake of her “career.” Well, it turns out, she’s wrestled before.

After leaving Jersey Shore in 2010, Pivarnick expressed enthusiasm for professional wrestling and began training at the New Jersey-based Independent Wrestling Federation Academy. She made her wrestling debut for TNA Wrestling on the March 10, 2011 episode of iMPACT! in a six-women tag team match, partnering with Cookie (also known as Becky Bayless) and Sarita (also known as Sarah Stock and Dark Angel) against Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Winter (also known as Katie Lea Burchill in WWE). Pivarnick was pinned by Love following interference from Robbie E.

Angela tweeted that she’s ready to give wrestling another chance.



Now keep in mind, her saying she’s going to start training again and tweeting at WWE NXT means a heaping hill of shit. I could drink TANG at every meal, put a zero gravity booth in my living room and tweet at NASA and it doesn’t mean I’m on my way to being a fucking astronaut.

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