Jimmy Fallon and The Rock are ‘The Fungo Brothers,’ America’s Worst Fitness Duo

The Rock continued his tradition of being the world’s most likable guy yesterday when he swung by The Tonight Show. The muscly-armed actor and late-night funnyman shocked the world by revealing they’d once tried to corner the workout tape game as a duo called the Fungo Brothers.

After viewing their rhyme-heavy videos, I’m amazed the couple never took off.

Yup, the Shake Weight will never not be funny. Fifty years from now when I’m on my death bed, all someone will need to do to cheer me up is crack a Shake Weight joke. Comedy gold.

Also, placing a futures bet on The Rock becoming president one day wouldn’t be the most irresponsible use of your money. Dude has charisma coming out his ears.

[Via The Tonight Show]