Jimmy Kimmel Eats Reindeer Sized Portion Of Humble Pie, Gets Pranked By John Krasinski & Emily Blunt

For several years now Jimmy Kimmel has been embroiled in a prank war with ‘Office’ actor John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt (5 Year Engagement)…things just escalated.

In response to Jimmy and his wife dropping a 26-foot tall inflatable reindeer in John & Emily’s yard, the couple fired back. I’d say the prank war should just stop now, because they’ve effectively escalated it so far (property destruction) that the next level up would be bodily harm. Which while it would make for good television, I’m not sure it’s something we truly want to see.

Typically when I come across anything dubbed a ‘prank war’ I’m wary as to how good it’ll actually be. But as we see here we’re dealing with multiple actors worth many, MANY millions of dollars, and money isn’t really an obstacle in this prank war…

How in the actual fuck did Jimmy Kimmel not know that reindeer were real animals? If you don’t know that reindeer are real you might as well just punch yourself in the junk right now, because it takes an act as stupid as that to match your own stupidity.


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