Here’s What The ‘Jurassic Park’ Movies Would Have Looked Like If EVERYONE Was Wearing High Heels

Jurassic World has been the story of the summer and not just because of mega-beef-stud Chris Pratt.

All people want to talk about is how Bryce Dallas Howard’s character ran around in heels the whole time because it’s so unbelievable. You know, because dinos coming back to life and killing people could TOTALLY happen but a chick running around in¬†Louboutin shoes “WHAT?! THAT WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE!”

Anyway, people are consumed with the heels in Jurassic Park so these dudes said “screw it, let’s put everyone in every Jurassic Park movies in heels.”

I’d rewatch them all over again. Except that third movie. That movie blew.

And I still think I’d rather watch Jurassic Parks and Recreation.